About Sue Kim Lucchini

Sue Kim Lucchini has spent decades committed to the creation and presentation of moving and still images as a stage director, choreographer, film director, editor, producer, teacher, designer, photographer and mixed media artist.  

A lifelong photographer of family events and vacations, Sue, in her youth, most enjoyed travel photography - from New England lakes and mountains to Cape Cod beaches to further afield, including Canada, Hungary, Venezuela, Mexico, Thailand, Japan and Switzerland.  In addition, working in theater and film afforded her ample opportunity to delve into and develop fascination with still photography and portraiture.  Though initially wary of digital imaging, Sue became more engrossed in computer-generated art, and started moving away from shooting film.  Since 2008, she has worked in digital photography - a medium that embraces her artistic sensibilities, her fascination with computer graphics and design, and her commitment to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  In recent years, Sue’s primary focus has been art photography.  She also enjoys natural light portrait work for individuals and families, as well as shooting sports and other events. Sue’s photographs have appeared in many galleries, as well as in brochures and newsletters, on websites and in magazines.  Regardless of her medium, Sue's inspiration arises from a lifelong drive to understand her world by exploring the myriad ways in which moments, events, people, places, cultures, objects and everything else that make up our environments and experiences can be perceived, understood, interpreted and presented.

Sue grew up in the Boston area.  A graduate of Middlesex School (’84) and Columbia College (’88), Sue lived and worked in New York city and Silicon Valley, CA.  In 2007, Sue returned to the East Coast where she currently resides with her husband, three sons, one dog, two cats and one goldfish. Sue's studio is located at ArtSpace Maynard. (Studio 10E)